Matis Allikmaa

Sales Manager (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland)

I am responsible for the export sales to Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in Arras CF since November 2016. I have worked in sales area, starting from the end of secondary school, as I moved from Central Estonia to Tartu and started my studies of sales organisation. At the same time I started the sales work in the areas of telemarketing and sale of trainings. After my studies at Tartu, I got the position of sales representative and moved to Tallinn. I have higher education in commercial economics, from 2016.

I am planning to continue my studies in the commercial field and to improve my skills in foreign languages in the future. At the same time I like new knowledge and have the ambition to take part in several trainings in sales area in the future. From the languages, I know in addition to the Estonian the English and Russian as well.

My new hobby is tennis, with which I started recently. Also I like hiking, which is being made more picaresque by the dog of my family. I appreciate fixity of purpose, committment and accurateness.