Mario Metsoja

+372 670 6447
+372 551 3853

I graduated from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences in the specialty of civil engineering. There I gained knowledge in construction management, design, construction materials and other construction-related topics. After graduation, I worked as an engineer and a construction site manager.  This experience has given me the knowledge of both the construction and construction materials, in general, as well as organizational and managerial experience.

In November 2008 I joined the staff of Arras CF, taking the position of the North Estonian sales representative. Over time, however, I have performed quite a variety of tasks, all of which have provided me with invaluable experience and a good overview of what is happening in the company.  One and a half years after taking up the position in ACF I started to perform the duties of the production manager. Since February 2011, the sales was replaced by quality management, and I focused primarily on the tasks of product management and quality.  Since May 2012 to the present time I am President of ACF and the primary task is the day to day management of the company.

Other than my mother tongue (Estonian) I am also fluent in  English.

In my spare time, I like to be in nature and shoot photography. Quite often, I read books that talk about recent history, someone’s travel adventures or other exciting stuff. In addition to the above, from time to time I happen to take a bike ride in the forest and I also happily visit a squash hall or a firing range.