Andrus Arras

Chairman of the Board
+372 670 6447
+372 515 4434

I contribute to setting the general goals and directions of the ACF. In short, we put together the goals that the executive management and a good team will later handle on a daily basis.

The undisputed priority among my hobbies belongs to downhill skiing. Then there is a lot of empty space, and then - as a big surprise to even me - gardening/landscaping, followed by grilling/BBQ /making smoked meat and fish.

Traveling both shorter and longer distances is always a pleasure.

I am just about to achieve a couple of crazy goals, but thinking more about it, then the craziest and the most unpractical goal is to obtain a bus driver's license and then work for a week as a bus driver. The goal, which has nothing to do with being practical, but doing it at least once would be crazy cool - that would be a crazy and a very crazy goal!